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Outfits to Look Cute and Fresh With the Summer Heat

The summer heat is here and thinking of outfits to wear while being comfortable is hard, so we are here to help. Here are some summer outfits to look cute and fresh.

Bretman Rock

A fashion Icon who totally rocks the summer vibe is Bretman Rock.

Can you believe that this is just his pajama bottoms? Simple pajama bottoms and a button-up top totally screams quarantine summer, but it’s an outfit nonetheless.



Simplicity and less is more is really the thing to go to during hot summers, but it doesn’t mean you will sacrifice style.


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A post shared by Kim Chiu ? (@chinitaprincess)

Kim Chu showed this in her short, graphic tee and chunky shoe combo. This style screams I’m ready for an adventure, whether it’s up the mountains or chilling in the backyard.



During summer, our bodies must be beach-ready. Sportswear can be a cute summer outfit for that productive yet cute look.


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A post shared by MJ Lastimosa (@mj_lastimosa)

MJ Lastimosa slayed this look by wearing this cute 2 piece set and white kicks.  It’s stylish yet comfortable.



Summer is the time to wear those summer dresses and cute sets.


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A post shared by Barbie Imperial ? (@msbarbieimperial)

Barbie Imperial is wearing this cute 2 piece set that will make you say, “Where can I get one” or “add-to-cart” It’s cute, comfy, and does the dog come with the outfit? Cause’ I want one too.




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A post shared by Kathryn Bernardo ? (@bernardokath)

This summer dress worn by Kathryn Bernardo is definitely a style of dress to have, especially during the hot days, it’s flowy and comfy, and as kat said in her caption, it’s perfect for adulting.

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