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Know the Right Eyebrow That Fits Your Face Shape

Kilay is life! Did I stutter? No, and I know some girls will agree with it. Especially now that most of the time we are wearing masks, our eyes are the only thing seen for the whole day. Even before, getting the eyebrows done perfectly takes lots of time than the other makeup routine steps. It’s because a perfect set of brows completes the whole look.

Okay, so you know how to get your brows done. You even use not just one but two eyebrow products to get everything right.  But are your eyebrows being the right ones with your face shape? Suspish.

There are things you need to know about eyebrows and what fits you perfectly. Continue reading!



There are 5 common face shapes: oval, heart, round, square, long, and diamond. You have to determine first what type of face shape that you have. Tie your hair back and look in front of the mirror.

Oval Face – Your forehead is wider than your chin, cheekbones are visible, and your face narrows to the chin.

Heart Face – Almost similar to an oval face, but the chin is narrower.

Round – Face has fuller cheeks.

Square – A squared jawline is visible.

Long– Face shape is longer and prominent chin.

Diamond – Obvious cheekbones and narrow chin.

Now that you have determined your face shape, let’s proceed to pick the right set of brows.


Oval Face

Photo Credit to The Guardian

For those who have an oval face, Congratulations because you can pull off any brows. Best if you let your natural brows as it is. Just a little bit of trimming around the area, and you are good to go!


Heart Face

Since your chin is narrower than an oval face, a soft arch works best.


Round Face

A thick and full brow with an angled arch far from your nose will look great with your round face.



The square face has edgy features. A high arched eyebrow from the nose will make the brow and the whole face appears stronger.


Long Face

A straight flat brow with soft edges is best for this type of face. Since it’s a long face, we want to create an illusion of making a face look short.


Diamond Face

The goal is to make the wider part of the face look less wide and soften the angles. Curved with arched angle brows will do the job of making the diamond face shape look more subtle.




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