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Keep Your Hair Color Safe From Fading With These Easy Tips

Are you bored being stuck, or are you just making excuses to color your hair? Bet you are guilty. I think one thing that helped us get away with boredom is doing experiments with our hair. Cut, color, straight, or perm. You name it, and someone already did it with their hair.

But what’s more nerve-wracking than waiting for your hair to grow longer is keeping your hair color. With all the shampoo, conditioner, and treatment that washes out the color, what can you do to prevent it from fading?


Of Course, Don’t Shower Right After Getting Your Hair Color.

To be honest, why would you do this when this should be the last thing or not even in the last after having your hair done. The salon already washed your hair, put shampoo, and condish on it. Wait for at least 24 hours after getting your hair color done.


Skip the Hot Water

After a long day at work, a hot shower eases all the stress. It’s okay to shower but with warm water. The temperature will damage the color, causing it to fade faster.


Take turns with your shampoo day.

Some people use shampoo on their hair every day. While this is a good thing for a cleaner scalp, you might want to think twice if you want your hair color to stay longer. The harsh ingredients on your shampoo wash away the hair color. Also, you should take note of changing your shampoo now and then and look at what works best for you.


Heat is the number 1 enemy. Don’t stay too long under the sun.

Just like skipping the super-hot shower, you should be cautious when you are outside. The UV rays of the sun affect your hair color too.


 Be Cautions When You’re In The Pool

The chlorine will definitely be a bad thing for your colored hair. Like how the sunblock protects your skin when having a nice time under the sun, a leave-in conditioner will help your hair from the harsh chemicals in the pool.


Put Down Your Hair Blower

Hair Blower produces heat, and heat is the number 1 enemy of your hair. Enjoy the air this time and let it dry your hair naturally.


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