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Here’s Why You Should Have This New Day Corsets

You should definitely have a corset inside your closet. Yes, girl, they are back! This time, they appear less medieval. Since we are now living in the 21st century, the comeback of garments adapts to the changes. Corsets now are more stylish and look like a Sunday mood top.

Corsets are usually worn to hold and build the torso to your desired shape. Have you watched any royalty-related movie where women were tying their corsets so tight that it’ll be so hard for you to breathe? The smaller the waist, the better. It can be worn as a fashion aesthetic or for medical purposes.



Kim K flaunting her curves on a caramel-colored corset dress at the Met Gala 2019.


Do you guys know that it’s not just women who wore corsets back in the days but also men? Look at how Harry Styles slayed his black corset in see-through tulle top here.


Here are the Jenner sisters wearing modern-day corsets. It’s a casual day for Kendall Jenner on a shimmery gray crop top corset and jeans.


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Barb voted… your turn!!!

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Kylie Jenner achieved the sexy Halloween look with her black corset.


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you call?

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Here is Kyline Alcantara wearing a white-colored corset in denim pants.


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Loving you, supporting you, believing in you… always.

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