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Experience Multicultural Luxury in Singapore With the Vagabond Club

Located in the Little India of one of the world’s safest countries, the Garcha Group’s “The Vagabond Club”  was awarded by TripAdvisor as Singapore’s No.5 Luxury Hotel and No.6 Top Hotel and No.8 Best Service Hotel at its 2018 Travelers’ Choice Awards. The architectural and interior design, multicultural features, and world-class cuisine truly offer a 5-star service for its residents. Above all, it builds a home and community for them.

The Vagabond Club

Designed by the award-winning French architect and interior designer Jacques Garcia, it is housed in a 1950 Art Deco heritage building and decorated with several art masterpieces made by multiple renowned artisans just like Franck Le Ray. Some of the featured life-sized works are a sparkly bronze rhinoceros reception desk, two gold elephants featured in the lobby area, and a gold baboon sitting behind the salon bar.

“I think it is because of our great service,” answered Josephine Meister, the Garcha’s Group Director of Sales and Marketing Cluster, in an interview with STAIL.PH. When asked what was the hotel’s greatest asset that landed it on Singapore’s top 5 hotels. “It is a very personalized service that our staff gives our guests, and the people love the uniqueness of the property because it’s so special and so different from the other hotels you can find in the city.”

Meister added that entering the hotel brings you into a different world; its vibrant and artsy vibes give a welcoming atmosphere to its guests. The hotel was also proud of its diverse personality, collected from the CEO’s various travels— perfect for Singapore’s trademark of having a multicultural-influenced heritage.

Also, its notable pieces are the six golden brass Banyan trees, which took 100
artisans from 15 villages and eight months to create, and the artworks displayed on the salon walls were curated and installed by British artist Peter Millard. More mixed-art installations can also be seen at the elevator customized by Italian artist Marco Brambilla together with the CEO’s cherished personal collections.

Aside from its generally notable characteristics, here are some of the Vagabond Club’s features worth experiencing:

The Whiskey Library – “A place you won’t know until you know it.”

Born from Harpreet Bedi and Satinder Garchas’ love for whiskies, this luxurious bar offers over 1000 bottles of carefully curated rare and refined award-winning whiskies from around the world. It can be accessed with a Membership Programme to fully enculture the guests with the vagabond experience.

“What started as a vacation with friends traveling around Scotland and visiting distilleries soon turned into an eye-opening journey of discovery; a discovery of the depth of craftsmanship, the artistry, the culture, and the incredible history behind whiskey making. These elements combined inspired me to bring these untold stories to Singapore where anyone and everyone can experience the profound pleasure of enjoying truly great whiskies,” said Garcha.

“No two bottles are the same. Each is unique, each has its own story, and many bottles will be unfamiliar even to the most experienced connoisseur. To me, whiskey is art, and the craftsmanship behind our whiskies in The Whiskey Library is truly astonishing,” Bedi added.

In addition to the aforementioned benefit, guests who sign up with the membership will enjoy 10-room nights at The Vagabond Club (fully transferrable) as part of the S$3,000 annual fee. They will also gain the privilege to access 80 lockers, each with its own skillfully crafted key secured in a private space at The Vagabond Club’s salon. Each locker can store up to 15 bottles of whiskey, and members can bring one of their own bottles for every two bottles bought from The Whiskey Library. They will also be given special bottle pricing, full access to the gym, and reserved seating for Whiskey Club events and shows.


Artist in Residence Program

Beyond the vast collection of art from antique works to contemporary mixed media pieces, the Garcha Group also recognizes the essence and value of performance art. With this, The Vagabond Club pioneered an Artist in Residence programme wherein artists from all over the world who decide to spend their days at the said residence will be given a chance to perform and apply for residencies weekend to two weeks. This is open to writers, poets, musicians, and artists. They may mingle with the guests, engage and perform at the venue.


MYPOSHPAD: Singapore’s First and Only 5-Star Luxury Hotel Co-Living Club Concept

Co-living or Co-habitation is a term used to define one’s temporary residence at a hotel or apartment to attend to their primary responsibilities such as out-of-country business matters or vacations. This idea has been vital for the past few years, and MYPOSHPAD introduces a level-up experience of being away from home!

Launching on the 1st day of April, this modern co-living concept aims to introduce an all-inclusive luxury co-living boutique hotel experience. Starting from SGD 3,600++ per month (minimum stay of 30 nights), members can experience 5-star rooms and suites featuring a minibar, extensive in-house facilities and daily breakfast, laundry and full housekeeping services, 24/7 concierge as well as special member’s pricing applicable to the group’s 10 dining facilities.

“The concept of co-living has been continually growing in Singapore, and together with the launch of MYPOSHPAD, we seize to redefine the co-living community by establishing as the first and only co-living club concept that integrates luxury hotels and communal living,” Satinder Garcha, Chairman & Founder of The Garcha Group proudly said. “Our collection of experiential luxury boutique hotels offers members a 5-star co-living experience and the feeling of being on a long vacation right in the heart of Singapore.”

Members of MYPOSHPAD will have exclusive access to additional facilities like the outdoor rooftop swimming lap pool, fully-equipped spa, and gym, catering to individuals with specific needs, morning yoga sessions at Max’s Rooftop Bar, and the Cook & Tras library with over 3,000 books. Over and above, Gastronauts will be treated to various dining options like Shikar Maxwell Reserve and Shikar Serangoon House and the “eclectic” Cook & Tras Brasserie, Max’s Rooftop Bar, Garcha’s Polo Bar, and Pink Bar.

“By launching MYPOSHPAD, we aim to build a community of international cosmopolitans who are either based in Singapore or here on long-term travel arrangements. Creating a home away from home by elevating their luxury hotel experience, this first and only luxury hotel co-living club concept rewards members with benefits beyond just accommodation,” added Harpreet Bedi, CEO of The Garcha Group.

Indeed, The Vagabond Club is proof of a world-class hotel that gives you a one-of-a-kind stay. From exterior to its customer service, you will experience worthwhile stay.

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