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Dry and Dull? Your Hair Need Moisturizers Too

Do you know that your body isn’t the only one who needs moisturizer? Just like your body, face, and lips, your hair needs moisturizers too. If your hair is always frizzy and dull, the only thing you need for it is moisturizers, and you can get it from hair oils.

No more lifeless hair, and say hello to more volumed crowning glory because we looked for some hair oils you should try.


Human Nature Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

First things first, you should know what hair oil does your hair needs. You should consider few things—your hair type, the type of oil you will be using, and the ingredients the oil has. There are many types of hair oil for all types of hair.

Photo Credits to Human Nature

This Human Nature Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is best for curly hair. A curled lock needs a sticky oil to help tone down the frizz, and it is good for styling. Human Nature Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is an example of a botanical oil.


Human Nature Smoothing Serum

Photo Credits to Human Nature

Another one from Human Nature, but this one is made from sunflower extract, which is an example of botanical oil too.


The Ordinary Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

Photo Credits to The Kult

We all know how The Ordinary works wonder with our skin; it can do the same thing with our hair too! This cold-pressed virgin marula oil has a long-lasting scent while bringing back the beauty of your hair.


Verb Ghost Oil

Photo Credit to

This oil revitalizes your hair from roots down to its end. Moringa oil-infused gives the hair the essential nutrients it needs. This oil can be used for all types of hair, even a colored or bleached one.



Vitress Cuticle Coat

Used by girls since high school, the Vitress Cuticle coat gives your hair a shiny end product. Also, a long-lasting scent will last throughout the day, plus it’s the cheapest hair oil you can buy.

Dry and dull? Sorry, I don’t know her.

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